Pendry research presentation

Don't forget our next research seminar this Wednesday (19/3) will be presented by Richard Pendry at 1pm in the undergraduate newsroom. Richard will be talking about his research on the reporting of the conflict in Syria. It will no doubt be a very interesting talk. We look forward to seeing you there.

Conference Thursday 13 March

Both UG and PG conferences are cancelled tomorrow Thursday, 13 March.  This is due to an NCTJ exam and the year 3 60 sec bulletin.

The CFJ and the environment .....

Please could we all be mindful when printing or photocopying onto paper on any of our machines in the CFJ.

As a school we are unique in allowing students to print without paying per sheet.

However, the cost of our 'consumables' - ie. paper, toner and indeed the lease on each machine is currently running too high. Paper consumption (and waste) is the biggest contributor - we must reduce this

Reminder: Reporting and Writing test

The second timed newswriting assessment for Reporting and Writing I will be held during Tuesday's session, March 11.

Please try to get to the newsroom as quickly as possible after shorthand, as the test will begin at 11am.

The format is very similar to the last one, but some of the information for the story will be given to you in a short 60wpm spoken statement. We'll do a practice run in Friday's class.

Test NCTJ Court Reporting paper

Any students sitting - or re-sitting - NCTJ Court reporting on March 19th please note there is a test paper in module notes on the website. If you want to take it, please e-mail me your answers and I'll send you feedback. 

Carolyn Quinn talk

We are fortunate to have Carolyn Quinn, the presenter of Radio 4's PM programme, as a speaker next Monday. Carolyn was also the first woman chair of the Parliamentary Press Gallery. She is also a graduate of Kent and was awarded an honorary doctorate last year. She will be joined by her husband, Nigel Morris, the Deputy Political Editor of The Independent. 

NCTJ Broadcast Module TV MOCK

Dear MA students doing the TV exam next week,

Please find TV exam sample 2 in your TV folder and send FLVs and scripts to me. I'll give you feedback. 

Would you mind alerting any colleagues you suspect may miss this note?




Overdue Kit - Please Return IMMEDIATELY.

There are now NO edirols available for students to borrow from the kit room.

All overdue kit must be returned immediately.

A fine is payable (just like any hire company or library would impose) on all overdue kit.

The fine is £5.

Each additional overdue week from today will incur a further £5 fine.

Anyone not returning overdue kit immediately will not be allowed to borrow equipment in future.

Students who now require equipment are being prevented from doing their work.

Year 2s - replacement Court Reporting session

Please don't forget that, as you have a newsday on Friday, we have a replacement Court Reporting session on Thursday Feb 27th from 1100 - 1300. It's in Room G4-04.

Bob Friend Memorial Lecture

Sky News chief correspondent Stuart Ramsay will deliver the 2014 Bob Friend Memorial Lecture in the Pilkington Lecture Theatre at 7pm on Thursday 27 February. He will also help to present the 2014 Bob Friend Memorial Scholarship to the 2014 scholar, Conor Diggin. Please come along to celebrate Conor's success and hear the lecture. Stuart will speak about his huge experience of reporting from hostile environments.