Semi-Final stage of Shorthand Champions League: Live


As the inaugural Shorthand Champions League heads towards its dramatic climax, I'm delighted to announced that the semi-final stage will be a live event, in front of a raucous crowd in the main newsroom on Wednesday.

The four semi-finalists will line up at 12.30pm (during the Convergent Journalism 2 session) to do battle at 100wpm over two minutes. They will then have the usual amount of time to transcribe, and their scripts will be marked immediately so that the winners will be announced at 1pm.

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Quarter-final deadlock sends SCL judges scurrying for the rulebook


There was nothing to separate Abigail Morris and Lauren Meechan in their thrilling Shorthand Champions League quarter final match yesterday - with both achieving perfect, error-free scores. So the judges were sent scurrying for their rulebooks to award the tie to Lauren - since she has made fewer overall errors throughout the competition.

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Year 3 project supervisors


Supervisors for Year 3 projects are set out in the table below. You should arrange to see your supervisor on a regular basis between now and the delivery of your project.

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Welcome Vicky


A warm welcome to Vicky Gleed, our new Recruitment and Admissions Assistant who joined us yesterday.  Vicky shares an office with Gerardo (always an experience) and will be responsible for the administration of new applications and the admissions days. Give her a big smile.

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Battle of the titans in SCL quarter final line-up


Ali v Frazier. Nicklaus v Watson. Borg v McEnroe. Now it could be time for Palmer v Norman to join the pantheon of great sporting rivalries, as the quarter-final draw for the inaugural Shorthand Champions League has served up a mouthwatering clash of two of the tournament favourites.

Katie Palmer and Alex Norman, having made just 3 errors between them in their previous four matches, will go head to head on Wednesday with a place in the semi-finals at stake.

Meanwhile bookies' outsiders Danny Rust and Ben Kosma will also do battle for a place in the semi-final line-up.

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Centre for Journalism: the student experience


It's finally here. Three years in the making, six months in the edit suite, and featuring a stellar cast of A-List acting talent, this award-winning movie about student life at the Centre for Journalism has finally been cleared by the British Board of Film Classification with an R18 rating - largely thanks to its explicit footage of alarming dance moves.

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Shorthand Champions League group tables - final standings


Final standings for the Shorthand Champions League groups are shown below. Qualifiers for the knockout stages are shown with a Q next to their names.

Katie Palmer is the bookies' hot favourite for the crown following her 100% error-free performances so far, but Alex Norman, Jackie Gordon and Lauren Meechan are clear contenders - with just 2, 3 and 4 errors respectively. As group winners they will be seeded to avoid each other in the Round of 16.

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The Guardian's guide to better writing


Every journalist knows the sight of a newsroom full of flustered and bedraggled reporters cursing every tick of the second hand as the clock pushes on mercilessly towards a deadline.

Every news editor and sub knows that many of those reporters have only themselves to blame.

Reporters have wasted countless hours of valuable newsroom time typing out needlessly complex sentences, empty cliches and other alphabetic fodder. Countless more has been spent expunging the same before the stories can be published.

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Byelection World Cup


You've all heard of the Shorthand Champions League, well now the Centre for Journalism is pleased to announce a new competition - and a fine range of prizes; welcome to the 2014 Byelection World Cup.

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Sky Sports News graduate scheme


Sky Sports News is advertising its graduate scheme for 2015, looking for students with "creativity and natural journalistic flair" for an 11-month paid placement starting next summer.

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