JN302 exam revision


There will be exam revision for JN302 on Monday June 1 from 2-4pm in Pilkington 127. See you there.

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Jobs at Somerset County Gazette


Hello all,

Most if not all of you won't know me but I'm Danielle and I'm a former CFJ student.

Just thought I'd let all third years and MAs who might be looking for a job that there are one or two going at my paper - (Somerset County Gazette).

This is a perfect first job for all you graduating third years and MAs - believe it or not lots goes on here down in sunny Somerset and quite a few of our stories hit the nationals and braodcast media. 

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Have you borrowed Kit 18 recently? Missing a set of house keys with an adorable (yet a bit dirty) owl  and a purple ribbon on them?

Anastasia's got them.

Hope you haven't been locked out of your house for the last 50 billion years.


Department of Lost and Found

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JN300 Revision Sessions - Year 1


The following revision sessions have been scheduled - all in the UG newsroom

12 May at 11.00; 14 May at 2pm; 19 May at 11.00 and 22 May at 11.00


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CFJ is on LinkedIn!


To add yet another social network that you have to keep up with, CFJ is NOW ON LINKEDIN!!!!

If you don't know how LinkedIn works, let me tell you that your future employers do. I've got numerous job offers through LinkedIn where media companies look at your work experience, your education and the number of people in their professional network connected to you to verify if you've really worked where you say you have. 

Add the Centre for Journalism to your LinkedIn profile so that when people look you up it will also show them other people who work/study at CFJ. #InstantCred

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Junior Researcher Vacancy


Juniper Communications are looking for a junior researcher to join the team which produces Sunday Politics South East http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b019cfhgfor for the BBC.

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Ile Kauppila takes Shorthand Champions League title


Shockwaves were sent through the world of competitive note-taking this afternoon as Ile Kauppila scored a decisive victory in the Shorthand Champions League final.

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Coursework for Broadcast Journalism. Please everyone read this.


Dear NCTJ Broadcast enthusiasts,

When you are ready, can you all please supply your Broadcast coursework -- that is, your TV and radio coursework and the accompanying paperwork. All details below

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Shorthand Champions League


The final rounds of the Shorthand Champions League will be an all-postgraduate affair.

Huge crowds are expected for the live semi final and final, which will be staged on the same day during a timetabled shorthand session this week.

Hsin-Yi was the first to book a place in the final four in a whitewash, after Latifa failed to turn up for her quarter final passage.

But the other other contests were hard fought and had the SCL officials scrambling for the rule book to determine the winners, in scenes which are likely to be mirrored after the general election on May 8.

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Get informed with the CfJ


Full multimedia coverage of local, national and world events is available now at The Informer - a website run by our second year students for one day only.

They will be producing rolling news updates throughout the day online, as well as hourly radio bulletins which can also be heard on the website.

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