Year 1 radio newsday bulletins 13 December 2013

These are the 15-minute radio bulletins produced by first year students on our BA in Journalism and the News Industry, which went out at 4.30pm and 5.00pm respectively.

Why you should print as well as read council agendas

What has been the impact of the coalition's welfare reforms? Kent County Council is not alone in wondering if the far-reaching changes are having unintended consequences. So it decided to examine if there were any repercussions for those affected.

It produced a 42-page report which was duly put on an agenda for a meeting of a relatively anonymous scrutiny committee. It made for interesting reading. The main finding was that welfare reforms were being linked to rising homelessness, crime and numbers using food banks - particularly children.

Year 2 TV news day: 5 December 2013

This TV news bulletin was produced by Year 2 students from the BA in Journalism and the News Industry, and went out at 5pm on Thursday 5 December.

Presenter: Jasmin Sahota

Reporting team: Paige Aldridge, Daniel Crook, Clara Easthill, Jade Edwards, Nathalie Evelie, Michelle Gleaves, Helen Grimes, Cian Hodge, Amy Nickalls, Alex Norman, Katie Palmer, Victoria Polley, Cecily Snowball, Stine Wannebo, Sanam Zeb.


Student sports journalists: your chance to shine

The David Welch Student Sports Writer of the Year competition is now open for entries. Named after the late sports editor of the Daily Telegraph - who nurtured the careers of many star sports journalists - the competition is open to any students in full-time education between the ages of 16 and 25.

Power Without Responsibility Presentations

Reports and grades for the seminar presentations for Power Without Responsibility (JN500) are available from Geoff's office. Please collect before the submission of your essays on Friday.

Extra reporter in fiction class

Because you all love the class so much and because we missed one due to a recent newsday, I am putting on an extra reporter in fiction class Monday December 9, 2 - 3 in G2-03. Alert students will see this is the same room as we normally have. We will have a short (10 min) break at 3.00 as too much literature and poetry can be overwhelming.

Guardian experiments with a "robot generated newspaper"

The Guardian is at one of it's projects again, and this time it's produced a newspaper, The Good Long Read, from a computer algorrithm. 

The computer programme sifts through all of The Guardian stories of the past seven days, kicking out all the one which are too short or just based on multimedia. The editor can then make their choice of the pieces to put in.

The layout process is also simplified and the printers have no minimum order length - you can order as little as one. 

Research Seminar Presentation

Our next research seminar presentation will feature Dr Colleen Cotter from Queen Mary University of London. Colleen's talk is titled "Language Standards and Standard Language: Looking at social context and journalistic practice." She will be talking about updates in the AP stylebook and the compexities of reporting on 'diversity' and bilingualism. Colleen is the author of "News Talk: Investigating the Language of Journalism" (Cambridge University Press).

Free journalism ebook

One final post (probably) about the NCTJ conference... It was also used to promote a new ebook on the state of the journalism industry and the issues faced by modern reporters, Journalism: New Challenges.
It has been produced by Bournemouth University and is available to download for free at as either an ebook, PDF or to view online.

NCTJ Skills Conference: what we learned

A more considered overview of the NCTJ Skills Conference than the brief burst of words I managed to fire off from my iPad while waiting for a bus in Bournemouth earlier...

1. Embrace social media, but don't rely on it

Peter Bale, Vice President of CNN International Digital, told students to build an online profile and earn trust by being a consistent sharer of reliable, good quality information. He said newsroom recruits are now expected to be Twitter-literate (Twitterate?).