The newspaper with no editor


Unfazed by the closure of the London paper and London Lite, a new freesheet has emerged on the streets of London. Called The Blogpaper, it's a printed version of blog postings culled from the internet, and its first monthly edition hit the streets on a small scale on 20 November. Issue two is due on 18 December.

It's not entirely a new idea. In the US the Chicago-based Printed Blog lasted 16 issues before closing in July, while in Argentina a title called Oblogo has reached issue number 26 with a circulation of around 15,000. But the Blogpaper's USP, according to its founders, is that it will not have an editor.

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Wonderful, brilliant, valuable shorthand


Anyone who has still not fully grasped the absolute, non-negotiable imperative of learning shorthand should read this. The comments by students denied the opportunity to learn the skill are particularly instructive. 

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Announcing Christmas Competition for First Years! - Free booze and gift vouchers to be won!!


Just to remind you of our exciting Christmas story competition. The rules are simple: A story of between 500 - 1000 words, on any aspect of Christmas - serious/funny/straight/poignant/silly.  It could be looking at homelessness in Medway over Christmas or trying out the latest silly toy that's going to be bestseller this year and anything in between. Your stories will be judged on 1) Your reporting skills - those who go out and interview people/experience real life situations will be awarded more marks than those who simply glean stuff off the internet.

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The LA Times and the University of Kent


It sounded somewhat strange to me when I read that the LA Times were interested in an debate happening at the University of Kent. Then as the story began to unravel, it turned out that an ex-UKC student was now an editor at the LA Times and his next editorial piece was on the same subject as the debate - beauty pageants. He was hoping to get a transcript or a video of the event to show to readers.

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Magazine Innovation


I'll tell you what this blog post doesn't have: A link to the Times webiste, any mention of Muse, talk about scientology or the night sky.

So what am I rabbiting on about today?

Well, as we're starting our print module now, which is based on magazines, I thought i'd draw attention to quite a snazzy little online publication made by the radio station, talkSPORT.

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Saunders versus Brown


Second year Centre for Journalism undergraduate John Saunders got the chance to grill the Prime Minister last week, and he didn't waste the opportunity. At a Question Time session organised by the Kent Messenger Group, Saunders quizzed Gordon Brown on an opinion poll showing that a majority of respondents feel British troop involvement in Afghanistan is increasing the risk of terrorist attacks at home. Here's the full exchange, filmed by the KMG's online team.

Use as Showcase?: 
Don't promote to showcase
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Year two news bulletin now on the site


Second year students produced their first television news bulletin on Wednesday. They were required to produced 15 minutes of international, national and local news on the day, and broadcast it live at 5pm. They also had to include a live two-way with one of their reporters notionally on location (although actually in an office next to the studio). I think it's an impressive performance from the team, with four packages produced on the day. You can watch the full bulletin here.

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General Election - An invitation from Sky News


Do you want to play a key part in the General Election coverage for Sky News? Do you think you’re up to the job – and do you think you can be fastest and best? Sky News is looking for energetic, reliable and accurate student journalists willing to contribute to the General Election results service for the 24-hour multi-platform news organisation. You’ll be paid a fee. And we’ll DOUBLE the fee if you get the results to the Sky News Centre first, beating all the opposition.

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Shorthand Week


This week has been designated Shorthand Week by the NCTJ and they have put some articles from former shorthand students on their website which you might find interesting. There is also an article outlining the birth of Teeline. Kim Fletcher, NCTJ Chairman, is due to speak on the importance of shorthand to today's journalists on Radio 4 Today programme on Thursday 12 November (provisional time 8.20).

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Divisive cartoon - that's how I like 'em


Steve Bell cartoon

This cartoon by the Guardian's Steve Bell has drawn a slew of comments, both supportive and critical. They make interesting reading.

Anyone think the Sun has been exploiting Jacqui Janes? Or merely being insensitively sensational? Or does the Sun in fact simply care very deeply about 'our boys', meaning no journalistic standards have been debased at all? Hard to say, if you ask me.

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