NCTJ Skills Conference

Reporters are being forced to abandon ethical news gathering methods as a direct result of the Leveson inquiry, according to Guardian crime correspondent Sandra Laville.
She made an impassioned plea for journalists to be brave and to trust their own personal integrity during the final session of the NCTJ Skills Conference in Bournemouth.
Young journalists were warned not to slavishly follow rules and accept authority.

Year 1 Shorthand Thursday 28 November

Tomorrow's year 1 shorthand classes will be combined into one group with Margaret in G3-03.

Research seminar tomorrow

Don't forget that Professor Tim Luckhurst is presenting his paper, "Historicizing Newspapers in Crisis," in our research seminar series tomorrow at 1pm in the main newsroom.

All staff and students are welcome. Hope to see you there. 

Year 3 students break centre's record for online news day

Scoop Online, the one-day web project created by Year 3 journalism undergraduates for their assessed news day last Friday, has broken the traffic record set by last year's group.

The assessment requires the Year 3 team to build and populate a news web site with a mixture of local, national and international stories using the multimedia storytelling techniques they have learned during their journalism degree studies. They must also use social media techniques to attract an audience to their site.

Neville Thurlbeck to visit Centre

Neville Thurlbeck, the former news editor and chief reporter of the News of the World, will visit the Centre for Journalism on 31 January 2014. He will speak to students and staff and answer questions in the main newsroom at 1pm.  Neville Thurlbeck spent 21 years at the top of popular tabloid journalism.

Visit the third years' news site Scoop Online for all of today's top stories

For the third year online newsday we have created the website Scoop Online. Be sure to take a look today!

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Thanks for the support!

Luckhurst versus Reed

It takes a brave student to go head to head with the CfJ's head of department Tim Luckhurst, so full respect to year 3 undergraduate Jack Reed - who picked up the gauntlet thrown down by BBC Radio 4's quiz show The 3rd Degree.

Magazine boss: we could be on the cusp of a new golden age

Year 2 students who are beginning their look at the magazine industry should listen to this interview given by Conde Nast president Nicholas Coleridge on Wednesday's Media Show on Radio 4.

In Wednesday's class we were looking at some of the recent sales volume and revenue figures for the industry - and fairly gloomy they were.

Research Seminar series

The next talk in our research seminar series is by Professor Tim Luckhurst on Wednesday November 27 at 1pm in the undergraduate newsroom. The title of Tim's talk is "Historicizing Newspapers in Crisis". It will no doubt be an interesting and lively presentation. All are welcome! 

It's Thursday, so it must be an Independent redesign

If you don't like today's redesign of The Independent, don't worry. History suggests there'll be another one along soon enough.

By most counts this is the fifth time in as many years that the title has put on a fresh set of clothes in a bid to change its fortunes. That's roughly the same rate that Chelsea appoints new managers.

On the one hand I'm annoyed because it means I have to produce yet another set of Indy-style templates for our student's news days.

But actually, I rather like this new look for a number of reasons: