NCTJ Broadcast Module TV MOCK


Dear MA students doing the TV exam next week,

Please find TV exam sample 2 in your TV folder and send FLVs and scripts to me. I'll give you feedback. 

Would you mind alerting any colleagues you suspect may miss this note?




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Overdue Kit - Please Return IMMEDIATELY.


There are now NO edirols available for students to borrow from the kit room.

All overdue kit must be returned immediately.

A fine is payable (just like any hire company or library would impose) on all overdue kit.

The fine is £5.

Each additional overdue week from today will incur a further £5 fine.

Anyone not returning overdue kit immediately will not be allowed to borrow equipment in future.

Students who now require equipment are being prevented from doing their work.


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Year 2s - replacement Court Reporting session


Please don't forget that, as you have a newsday on Friday, we have a replacement Court Reporting session on Thursday Feb 27th from 1100 - 1300. It's in Room G4-04.

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Bob Friend Memorial Lecture


Sky News chief correspondent Stuart Ramsay will deliver the 2014 Bob Friend Memorial Lecture in the Pilkington Lecture Theatre at 7pm on Thursday 27 February. He will also help to present the 2014 Bob Friend Memorial Scholarship to the 2014 scholar, Conor Diggin. Please come along to celebrate Conor's success and hear the lecture. Stuart will speak about his huge experience of reporting from hostile environments. 


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Ready for the biggest Scoops?


Scoop Online is back today from 9 until 5 for the year 3 newsday. 

Click on the links to keep up to date with the latest breaking, national, international and entertainment news.

The link to the website is:

Follow us on Twitter @Scoop_Online

Facebook: Scoop Online

Instagram: scoop_online

and reddit. 

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Parliament and Sky News trip - March 4


All aboard! The Westminster trip for first year undergraduates and MA students will be on Tuesday, March 4.

We need to meet outside Parliament at 9am to get registered for our tour. You will need to plan train journeys accordingly. Westminster is on the Circle, District and Jubilee lines so is easy to get to from Victoria, London Bridge and Charing Cross.

We will meet outside the visitor entrance to Parliament, opposite Westminster Abbey. Please see the helpful map below.

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Undergraduates - Please return overdue kit URGENTLY


Please could you all return overdue kit -ESPECIALLY EDIROLS (there are now none available) either today or by tomorrow to me (thurs 20th FEB) at the very latest.

Fines will be waived if this deadline is met - no exceptions will be made for overdue kit returned after thursday.

If you need to extend the loan of your equipment come and find me and arrangements will be made as appropriate.

Thank you :-)


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Year 1 Shorthand Combined Group Friday


The combined year 1 shorthand group on Friday from 10.00 - 11.00 will be held in G3-05 commencing this Friday, 20 February.

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Kazakhstan: poisoned legacy. Al Jazeera screening

Event date: 
20 February 2014 - 1:00pm

All staff and students are warmly invited to a screening of my film for Al Jazeera exposing a British mining company's close links with dangerous lead smelter in Kazakhstan. The company denies it was in control of the highly toxic process, but we uncovered evidence to the contrary. I will show the film and then take questions.  

The screening will be shortly after 1pm in the main undergraduate newsroom this Thursday, 20 February. 


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How councillors will decide how to spend £1.6bn - and increase your council tax


Kent County Council holds its annual budget meeting on Thursday (13) - an important meeting because it will decide if there should be an increase in the council tax for the first time in four years.

County councillors will also vote on an £82m package of cost-cutting measures - cuts - including changes to the school Freedom Pass.

These set piece meetings can be reminiscent of the yah-boo politics of Prime Minister's Questions and there is always a lot  - actually rather too much - of point scoring.

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