OVERDUE KIT TO BE RETURNED BY 3pm on 30th MARCH 2017 Priority


Please would all students with overdue kit return it and pay the fine no later than 3pm tomorrow, thursday 30th march.

There is high demand for kit and I am unable to supply other students pending the return of overdue kit.


I will not be available this friday for return/checkout of kit.

Failure to return overdue kit by the deadline will result in an increased penalty.

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Why a van Gogh film is a TERRIBLE idea


News that the life and work of artist Vincent van Gogh is soon to be animated in the world’s “first fully painted feature film” deeply saddened me, but I wasn’t surprised. It is a fact in the art world that once an artist has fallen into the unfortunate trap of mainstream appeal, they are rarely treated seriously again.

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Revision class for Reporting Conflict exam


I will meet you at 1310 next Monday, 3 April, in the MA newsroom on the third floor, for a short revision class for all Reporting Conflict students, both MA and UG.



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Framing conflict – the Cold War and after: Reflections from an old hack


Keith Somerville - Framing conflict – the Cold War and after: Reflections from an old hack, Media, War and Conflict, 26 March 2017

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Battle of the Burgers: a magical food journey through London


Okay, I say journey -- what I really mean is I went to London and had two incredible burgers and a pretty average Big Mac because I'm a fatass. I'll skip the Big Mac because there's not much to say, and if you've never had one and are curious as to what that tastes like (and sheltered, how have you never had a Big Mac before?!) you can just pop down to your local High Street and get one from "maccys" (I'm slowly adapting to UK lingo!) yourself.


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Red Nose Day cake & Giggles raises £210



   Thanks to  everyone who came along today and made our Red Nose Day event such a success. Red noses were flaunted as cake was consumed - photos to  follow soon.

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F1 2017 preview: Will faith be restored in the pinnacle of Motorsport?


The winter break is finally over.

The Formula One season gets underway this weekend in Melbourne, and fans across the world are waiting eagerly to see the new breed of cars hit the track in anger for the first time. 

But one pressing question remains: will this season live up to the high expectations placed upon it?

For 2017, Formula One has responded to frequent criticisms about the cars being too slow and races being too predictable - in short, the sport has become boring.

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FREE cake and stuff on Thursday!!



     Come to the Small Newsroom at 1.30pm on Thursday 23rd March for Free cake and giggles.All in aid of Red Nose Day.

This is a sponsored event so a donation will be sent to Comic Relief without you having to do anything more than  come along, share some jokes and laughs and pick up a free red nose, a wristband or a pen. 

Hope to  see you there.



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Earn £150 for making a short film


The Stationers' Crown Wood Academy is keen to hire a CfJ student to make a short video (c. 2 minutes) to promote the facilities and opportunities available in their new Digital Media Centre. Emma Smith, Deputy Principal of the Academy, which is located on the Greenwich Peninsula, would like a classy piece of film including shots of students at work, brief interviews etc.

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How Emma Watson Exposed the Madness of Modern Feminism


               So despite trumpeting the virtues of feminism for years, establishing the HeforShe campaign, being UN women’s goodwill ambassador since 2014, as well as being a quality actress, it seems that not even Emma Watson is safe from the lunacy that is modern feminism.

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