Storytelling masterclass with Dhruti Shah Weds 2nd Feb @1.30pm

We are delighted to welcome back award-winning journalist and author Dhruti Shah, who recently became an Honorary Fellow (Practictioner) at the Centre for Journalism after a long career at the BBC and in local newspaper journalism.  Dhruti is an expert in sourcing and verifying stories via social media among other things, and has been at the heart of many big stories. She was on duty the night of the storming of the Capitol building in Washington last year.  

Do you like to sing or make music? Medway opportunities!


Hello everyone,

Do you like to sing or make music in other ways? 

There are opportunities to sing in a 'rock, pop and soul choir', to play percussion and make music in other ways in sessions at the Chatham Historic Dockyard. Everyone is welcome - all levels and none.  Check out the sessions here: