How many grains of sand make a heap?

If I gave you one grain of sand—and then another, I think we’d both agree that I haven’t given you a heap.

If I added one more, then still; no heap.

Even if I had given you a small pile of sand, it would be fair to say that just one grain of sand will never be the difference between a small pile and a massive heap.

But at some point—if I kept on adding one grain of sand at a time—we would eventually end up with a heap.

This paradox isn’t new. You may not be surprised when I say that it goes back 2,700 years to Ancient Greece, as so many things do.

How do I feel about China really?

As you can gather, I am Chinese, but I might not be entirely Chinese, judging by the fact that Hong Kong is desperately trying to get away from the doom of being part of China, the line between being a Chinese and a Hong Konger has never been clearer.

But that country is where I spent the first 12 years of my life, where all my childhood memories are and where all my family still lives. So deep down, no matter how twisted this country is, it is still my country.

NCTJ Law exam in January - important message

All students sitting the NCTJ Essential Media Law exam in January please pick up from Nicola's office a copy of Sample Paper 3. This is for you to work through during the Christmas break. We will de-brief on it in the class on January 17th. But feel free to email me with answers to this - or either of the earlier papers - during the break and I will send you feed-back.