The Musical Landfill Garden: Identifying "Industry Plants"

I finished listening to the new Billie Eilish LP a few days ago: "WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?", and I've got to say, it's probably an early ballot in contention for album of the year. The lo-fi, intimately mixed vocals heavenly bled into stripped back, lushious, instrumentation, bringing elements like percussion and bass, which one would usually take for granted, to the forefront, almost redefining why certain sounds are implemented. It's mind-altering, it's lyrically thoughtful, it's fantastic, I like it a lot.

How to Survive Uni 101

I won’t lie to you…this term has definitely beaten the absolute living hell out of me. For many people, university is the best years of their lives but for me, it has been a constant rollercoaster of ups and downs (more downs then I would like to admit, really). It took me a long time to admit I was struggling at university, not necessarily with the work but just…attending, I guess. Many a night, I have laid in bed and pondered upon how I could make living the university life easier for myself as a student. So, here are a few points from my uni survival guide. 

It’s getting hot in here…so KEEP ON all your clothes?!

As the weather is heating up (and so is the planet I might add - but that’s another blog post for another time) you wouldn’t be pronounced a fool for thinking fashion would be set to reflect this by urging you to strip down to a crop top and cute shorts as you strolled down the street enjoying the summer sun (before it explodes and kills us all - seriously, gl