(Not) Coming Out: What cancelling Pride means for the LGBTQ+ community and how COVID-19 has impacted the LGBTQ movement

The rapid escalation of the coronavirus pandemic led to the cancellation of hundreds of Pride events around the world. Even now, despite restrictions gradually easing, events are still being disrupted. Brighton Pride has announced its cancellation for the second year in a row. As one of the biggest and most popular Prides in the country, this has come as a blow to members of the community.

Falling in love with a country: Visit Malta

Malta is a small country with a long, rich history, a place like no other in this world, daintily perched on the periphery of Europe; it lies south of Sicily, north of Africa, a strategic position which made the archipelago a contested region during the Second World War. That being said, it is the country’s military history which initially embedded it into the lives of my family. Prior to its independence in 1964, Malta was occupied by Great Britain, and the British armed forces retained a presence in Malta until 1979.