Following today's discussion about search engine optimisation, linking and 'link bait', here are the (very few) terms and conditions for the Centre for Journalism blog challenge. On Thursday April 9 we'll take a look at the Google Analytics statistics for the web site. The student blog posting with the most unique visits between now and then will be declared the winner. The one caveat is that only postings about journalism issues will be considered for the prize - so no lists of Top Ten Greatest Xylophone Solos on Prog Rock Albums.

There are no other rules. Use of friends, family, social networking groups, social bookmarking sites etc to drive traffic to your posting is perfectly acceptable. And remember, links out mean visits in. The more you send them away, the more they'll come back. 

The prize will be an appropriately glittering award that will make the winner rich beyond the dreams of avarice.


... just don't expect to receive it before you graduate!

But Stu will still be able to list those solos right? RIGHT?!

Ian, I have to say that Xylophone comment was funny :). What about Top Tens on Shakuhachi pipes instead? Believe me, I wouldn't no where to start haha.

No lists don't worry. Unless I list the ten things we should be allowed to write about for this blog challenge haha, only joking :).

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