Death of Last Known World War I Veteran

It can be called an end of an era, I suppose; World War I stories will be never be told first hand again.

Its actually really sad that this matter hasn't been publicised as much as other things.

I mean, you have Charles Dickens, a great author dead for 200 years, being celebrated, but more recent news is being overshadowed? Florence Green died on Saturday night and it's only come to light three days later?

These people did so much for the country we live in, surely she should have got a bit more recognition?

What makes it even more sad is that she would've been 111 on the 19th of this month.

Just a thought...

May Florence Green rest in peace.

Here's the link to the story:


The only trace that's left of You
Is in those left behind,
But someday soon they too shall pass,
And You too, in their mind.
- Me (in a really bad and much longer poem), Rememberence Day 2011.

Didn't realise quite how apt that verse would be when I wrote it, or quite how soon it'd be significant. No-one alive now can remember what WWI was like. RIP.

By Nick M Duffy