Gravesend MessengerFirst year student Kelsey Williams has landed the Centre for Journalism's first front-page splash. On work experience at the Gravesend Messenger, Kelsey filed a story about a fatal freight train incident that leads the paper's current edition.

Congratulations to Kelsey.

No doubt it'll be the first of many splashes - both for Kelsey and for the centre. 



Amazing story, Kelsey, well done! Hooray for CfJ!

Kelsey, well done. I could only manage NIBs and the odd middle-page feature last year on KM work experience, so to get a front page is outstanding. You should feel very proud :).

Congratulations Kelsey!

Thanks everyone for your comments and help. Cfj is slowly taking over the world. I cant wait to see what everyone else has been up to! See you all soon. X

I visited the Gravesend Messenger this morning and then went straight to the newsagent to buy a couple of copies. I'll put a hard copy on the wall in the newsroom to encourage present and future students. There is very little to compare with the thrill of your first front-page byline (and any suggestions are probably not appropriate for this website). I said it in Gravesend and I'll say it again here - Very well done Kelsey.   

No pressure for me when I follow Kelsey to the Gravesend Messenger then!? haha.

Well Done Kelsey, I also have the one where you have that joint byline on Britain's fattest teen. 

First splash for Centre for Journalism