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A reminder that first years, second years and MA students have until Friday 16 May to complete their portfolios for Convergent Journalism and Practical Multimedia Journalism modules.

For most of you this means you need to do a second blog post on this site (the first should have been done in the autumn term), and submit one other piece of journalism from any medium. This could be from your forthcoming work placements, from a CfJ news day, something you did for Medwire - or any other piece of journalism that hasn't previously been assessed.

Submission of third year projects

With the final year project deadline looming, here are the guidelines for submission. It's a three-stage process. If you don't follow it carefully, you may lose marks. Read carefully:

Year 3 60-second bulletin assessment

A reminder to all Year 3 students to be in the main newsroom by 9.30am tomorrow. The exercise begins at 10am. Scripts and video edits must be completed by 12noon.

You will then be given the rota which details your time slots for delivering your bulletins as live in the TV studio.

Convergent journalism 1 online assignment deadline

This is now Monday 3 March, 5pm.

Year 3 assessed online newsday roles

The roles for next Friday's final (sob!) full assessed online newsday for year 3 students are as follows:

Editors: Lydia Deichmann, Chris Walker, Bill Topping

Executives: Declan Olley, Clarissa Place, Kirsten Ringelmann

Assessed reporters: Molly Pike, Mara Podaru, Christine Stokes, Jemma Collins, Laura Griffiths, Josh Morl, Emily Magdij, Jack Reed, Lydia Hamilton, Damilola Sole, Ben Wright, Charlie Wahl, Kieran Watkins, Carlo Boffa

A familiar face on the News At Ten

Intrepidly he set out this morning across the flood-stricken communities of the Thames Valley in order to see the devastation for himself, and perhaps to bring some small crumbs of comfort to the people suffering such great hardships in Britain's wettest winter in 300 years.

No surprise then, that News at Ten cameras were there to catch the moment, to bring news of his visit to the waiting nation.

Yes, it's the Centre for Journalism's own Nick Gutteridge (MA Multimedia Journalism, 2012) - now a reporter for the Reading Chronicle - seen here with some politician whose name escapes me trying to muscle in on the the photo opportunity.

Conor Diggin is the Bob Friend Sky News Scholar for 2014

The  selection for the Bob Friend Sky News Scholarship is arguably one of the toughest processes that any first year student journalist in the country will have to undertake. Rightly so, because the prize at stake is so prestigious.

So congratulations are in order for all of the students who had a stab at it this year, particularly the five who were shortlisted following their submission of detailed treatments for 24 hours of Sky News coverage. 

This morning they sat a tough written test, and then went before a panel of senior journalists, who grilled them rigorously on a variety of journalism-related topics.

Only one winner can emerge, though, and this year Conor Diggin has the great honour of becoming the Bob Friend scholar for 2014. His achievement will be marked at the Bob Friend lecture on 27 February, which will be given this year by Sky News chief correspondent Stuart Ramsay.

CfJ Radio: News programme from Friday 7 February

Two hours of live news radio, as produced by Year 3 students on our BA in Journalism and the News Industry.

Presenters: Christine Stokes and Jack Reed

Editors: Sam Thompson, Ben Wright, Damilola Sole, Dan Sampayo

Executive: Lydia Hamilton

Assessed reporters: Declan Olley, Clarissa Place, Kirsten Ringelmann, Mhairi Beveridge, Matt Charles, Rikki Clarke, Lydia Deichmann, Josh Margrie-Rouse, Charlie Wahl, Kieran Watkins, Carlo Boffa, Bill Topping, Lauren Clarke

Year 3 TV newsday roles 13 February

For the record, here are the roles for this Thursday's TV news day.

Editors: Jemma Collins, Laura Griffiths, Josh Morl

Executives: Damilola Sole, Ben Wright, Lydia Deichmann, Mara Podaru

Assessed reporters: Charlie Wahl, Kieran Watkins, Carlo Boffa, Sam Thompson, Chris Walker, Molly Pike, Christine Stokes, Lauren Clarke, Mhairi Beveridge, Matt Charles, Rikki Clarke, Josh Margrie-Rouse, Declan Olley, Clarissa Place

The Eagle and the Evening Champion: newspapers produced by Year 1 and 2 students








Last Thursday Year 1 and Year 2 students spent the day putting together two competing newspapers for their print newsday. Here are the fruits of their labours.