Finally... those blogging prizes

Those of you with long memories may remember that back in the heady days of 2008 I rashly promised a glittering array of prizes to encourage thoughtful student blog postings on this site.  Some of those, covering the Christmas period, have already been announced. And I've kept a couple of other awards up my sleeve for good measure.

CfJ testing the new Evri semantic tool

Having just finished marking first-year essays about the Link Economy... I've been having a quick play with a tool called Evri, the new semantic network tool that's being used most notably by the Washington Post and The Times. If you have a look at the bottom of this and the three other most recent blog posts on the Centre for Journalism site, you'll get the idea. Evri searches through each post and uses fancy semantic web search methods to suggest key terms about which readers might want to find out more information. 

Manchester Evening News video of Blears used by BBC

The BBC has been working for a while on plans to share some of its news video content with regional newspaper publishers for their web sites. So it's interesting to see the reverse happening today with footage of Hazel Blears' trio of apologies making its way from the Manchester Evening News's Channel M on to the main BBC news web site. 

Convergent journalism presentations

A reminder to all first year undergradates that you assessed convergent journalism presentations take place on Monday morning. Attendance is compulsory. Please remember to bring your headphones with you. For those of you who missed the briefing session on Thursday, the details are explained in a document in the module notes section of the web site.

And while you're there, make sure you read the briefing document for your portfolios, which are due in on Thurdsay 18 June.


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