Convergent journalism in action

More impressive work experience action from our first year journalism students. This time it's Becci Hughes and Laura Hartmann, who have collaborated on an excellent piece of interactive multimedia for the Kent Messenger, reporting on protests to stop the Kent International Gateway development at Bearsted.

The full piece is on the KM web site here, but I've also embedded Becci and Laura's piece below. Laura did the audio; Becci took the pictures and created the Vuvox collage.

Community-funded reporting: any more examples?

I'm putting together a paper for the Journalism in Crisis conference organised by the British Journalism Review and Westminster University later this month. I'm looking at community-funded journalism projects - particularly those where the readers themselves are asked to stump up cash to support a reporter or team of reporters, either for specific investigations or for a general fund.
So far, the vast majority of the examples I have examined to come from the US - I've very roughly outlined some of them below.

Text editor experiment

You may notice a slight difference in the toolbar above the text-input area when you add a new piece of content to the site. That's because I'm experimenting with a new text editor. Hopefully it shouldn't make a massive difference at this stage, but I'd be interested if anybody notices any glitches - please let me know if you do. The main benefit for now is that it should work on Safari. With any luck it will also make uploading images very slightly more user friendly.


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