Snow snaps 2

 Following Becci's example, here are some snow pics from chez Reeves. If anyone wants to know how to upload pics as a slideshow like this, let me know and I'll post some instructions. 

Sky News Bob Friend Memorial Scholarship: the shortlist

All those who applied for the Sky News Bob Friend Memorial Scholarship have now been contacted individually, so I can publish details of the shortlist. Congratulations go to (alphabetically) Laura Hartmann, Alan McGuinness, Lucy Ross-Miller, John Saunders and Kelsey Williams. They will undergo a written test and a panel interview tomorrow (and should check their emails for some addditional details).

NCTJ student representative

This is just a reminder that I need the undergraduates to have collectively selected an NCTJ representative by tomorrow by whatever means necessary. If not, I'll have to lock you all in a room in the morning until white smoke emerges. 


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