Why subs matter

Following this week's exercise in sub-editing, I discovered this clever tribute to the art from the Washington Post. It's by Pulitzer-winning writer Gene Weingarten, and praises the newspaper industry's copy editors (the US term for subs) by demonstrating the sort of nonsense we might have to read if they didn't exist. See how many of the 57 errors you can pick up.


No, the headline is not simply to make Laura feel more at home. This is the German term for citizen journalism, which is being pushed by the country's biggest-selling newspaper in an intriguing way.

Beeb caption howler

Medway's director of legal studies Lesley Phippen just popped  up to say she'd noticed a caption howler on the BBC's live coverage of the Armistice commemorations. Apparently, war veterans had been laying 'reefs' at the Cenotaph...

I blame Jonathan Ross.


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