Broken Britain? Only if you're a politician

In probably the best long feature I've read this year, Amelia Gentleman visits the infamous Glasgow estate of Easterhouse - which kick-started Iain Duncan Smith on his crusade to help fix 'broken Britain'. Despite being a 'popular destination for politicians and celebrities on poverty tours', Gentleman writes, things have hardly got any better since it came under the spotlight.

Brooker's Newswipe is back baby!

News satire show Newswipe has returned to BBC4 for a second series, presented by the seemingly ubiquitous Charlie Brooker (it's in a similar vein to his Screenwipe - about TV). The first series was certainly worth watching, mostly for the guest segments (the best of which were by Adam Curtis and Peter Oborne). Funny - and occasioanally quite thought-provoking stuff.


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