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Gideon Skinner Director of Research, Ipsos/Mori Monday 11 th March


Sorry everyone Gideon's talk is Monday 11th March NOT this Wednesday.

With mainstream parties reeling from UKIP's performance at the Eastleigh by-election they will be poring over polling data.  

But it is only a snapshot of the moment.  Opinion polling is not a crystal ball.  Gideon will give us an insight into how the pollsters collect the data and crunch the numbers. 

I've heard Gideon and we are in for a treat. 

So see you in the Gillingham newsroom 1pm Monday 11th March. 





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Gideon Skinner Research Director IPSOS/MORI crunches the numbers 7th March


When Stephanie Flanders gave the Bob Friend Memorial lecture she said 'the boundaries between politics and the economy have become blurred'. 

We saw that when Norman Lamont John Major's chancellor pulled Britain out of the Exchange Rate Mechanism (ERM).  The Tories previous reputation for economic blow was dealt a fatal blow.   It took years to recover.  The simple fact is that economic competence or incompetence shifts votes.   

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Cricket enthusiast wanted for research into attitudes of the British media


Peter Oborne, author, columnist and broadcaster, is writing a new book on cricket and it requires research into the way the British media report international cricket matches.  He is looking for an enthusiastic, committed student to undertake media research.  I believe it will be possible to negotiate expenses.    

Can anyone interested email me and I can register your interest. 

joyjohnson400 [at] gmail dot com






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