Government spending cuts and the media – why Ron and Fiona are not amused

What’s the most foolish thing anyone’s ever said to you? I can think of quite a few daft things that have been said to me over the years, but one of them leaped back into my mind this week when I read about the spending cuts. It was something said to me about 18 months ago by a senior employee of Ten Alps Digital – we’ll call him Ron (not his real name). Ten Alps is the company part owned by Sir Bob Geldof which used to run Kent TV. The credit crunch was biting hard and I asked Ron how things were going at Ten Alps? “Great”! he replied cheerfully, “Ten Alps loves recessions”!

Google TV and local TV. The little black box that will turn online video into real TV and change the way we see the world

Imagine if someone set up a local TV channel for Folkestone or Dover. What would it be like? The Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt has recently re-stated his vision for local TV in the UK. “What’s the biggest difference between UK and US television”? asked Mr Hunt; “The lack of local TV in the UK”

Search Engine Optimisation - Is SEO the new Yellow Pages

Last week at home I opened the cupboard under the stairs and peered inside. Something had changed; something was wrong. It took a few seconds to realise what it was.
“Where are my Yellow Pages”? I asked my wife.

“I threw them out” she replied proudly, “There were half a dozen of them, all unopened. One of them was from 2004. Completely useless”.

“But I was collecting them” I said.

“You were collecting Yellow Pages”? repeated my wife with the look of alarm she reserves for people who sit on park benches talking to themselves.

Should the BBC Licence Fee Be Cut? How Much Should We Pay to Fund the BBC’s Army of Managers?

I recently bumped into an old BBC colleague. I’ll call him John, though that’s not his real name. John didn’t look happy. He said he’d left the BBC, but was finding it tough getting a job outside. John was fed up because a prospective employer had just told him they considered him “institutionalised”.

John explained that employers outside the BBC didn’t think he could adjust to life in the private sector. That life at the BBC had made him accustomed to working within a rigid, bureaucratic culture.
I felt sorry for John and I understood his problem.

Cows, Shakespeare and Spreading News Online in the Digital Age

Here at Kersh Media Towers, the news has been all about cows. To be precise we’ve been amazed at how news travels round the World in just a few hours. Let me explain.

We’ve recently been asked to help publicise a Kent theatre company’s open air Shakespeare summer tour. “How are rehearsals going”? I asked the Director one day.

“Fine” he replied, “Because of the hot weather, we’ve been rehearsing outdoors on a farm. We even have an audience” he added; “A herd of 170 cows”.

“You’ve been performing The Merry Wives of Windsor to a herd of cows”? I asked.


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