The Woman That You Love Is Fake

Have you ever heard a man say that he hates a women that puts “too much” effort into her appearance? Have you ever heard a man say he hates hair extensions, fake eyelashes, fake tan and make up? Have you ever heard a man say that he prefers the “natural look”?

So have I. In fact, I think I’ve heard almost every man agree that they hate a fake woman.

White Proverbs

Worldwide controversy was caused due to the recent Twitter hashtag #WhiteProverbs. When Twitter user, @Selintifada, started the hashtag, her intention was to get her followers to share their own experiences of some of the things that they’ve heard white people say about other races.

 “I was poking fun at the fact that these things are said and they’re so ridiculous and they’re so racist,” the Asian girl said.

Her followers were quick to participate:

@ellesturgeon: “I’m not racist, it’s just that stereotypes exist for a reason!” #whiteproverbs

Is it human nature to judge?


Though many people may not like to admit it, being judgemental appears to be a human characteristic. Most people are judgemental in one way or another. As human’s it seems as though we like to judge everything but it appears most common for us to judge one another. Because we judge one another, humans have a need or want to impress in the same process so that we are only judged in a positive light.

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