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What the Mancunion scandal means for us.


I was appalled, but not particularly surprised, to hear about some of the fallout to a story in the Mancunion this week, which demonstrates some of the attacks student journalists are facing nationally.

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CfJ students clean up in College elections!


The results of the college elections were just released... and it's a flawless victory for CfJ students!

The following were elected - journalism students are bolded:

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VOTE NOW: SIX journalism students stand in College elections!


The Kent-at-Medway college elections opened today, and it's great to see a vast amount of journalism students running for the various positions.


* Nick Duffy is running for President.

* Emily Magdij and Christopher Wallis are running for Vice President.

* Clarissa Place is running for Student Activities Officer.

* Kieran Watkins is running for Campaigns Officer.

* Jem Collins is running for Media Officer.


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Medway College elections!


The Journalism department has always punched slightly above its weight in Medway when it comes to student politics - from Paul Dunne running the Make Medway Matter campaign, to Maya Esslemont being elected student trustee, to me being elected to the Kent Union Rights zone - as a department we've always had active students, and have always engaged with the union fantastically.

This is a brilliant tradition, and one which I'd really urge everyone to carry on.

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Kent Union zone elections!


The Kent Union zone elections opened this morning, and close at midday on Thursday. I'd encourage every CfJ student to get active and vote. It's really important to have your say in union elections, as they help shape the future of your student experience.

I'm running for the 'Your Rights' zone - the only candidate from Medway running - and I'd appreciate as many votes as possible, to ensure Medway students have some voice in the Union that represents us.

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'Hackney Heroine' talk (October 2)


'Hackney Heroine' Pauline Pearce, who rose to tabloid fame during the London Riots after a video of her telling off rioters went viral, is giving a talk about her experiences on the Canterbury campus on Tuesday evening. It's at 6pm in Darwin LT3, and is jointly hosted by the Ethnic Minorities campaign and the UKC Liberal Democrats. Details are here - it's entirely free to attend, and entirely free to get to if you take the campus shuttle bus.

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Gadaffi OK, but Whitney 'too far'?


In America, The National Enquirer is getting a lot of flak after its admittedly rather tasteless front page on Wednesday, featuring a photo of Whitney Houston in-casket, which was subsequently republished by Fox News and gossip site Jezebel. The Washington Post didn't publish it, but gave directions to where it was published under the banner 'If you’d like to see the photo to gain context'.

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HS2 full steam ahead despite Fleet Street signalling failures.


The much disputed plans for high-speed rail service HS2 gained cross-party backing this week, but if you've seen any of the media coverage, you'd be forgiven for thinking it total madness that anyone, let alone all three major political parties, could be in favour of the project.

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All in a day's work...


Gas bombs and public hangings are not two things you would associate with the deputy prime minister in this day and age, but both are in a days' work for Nick Clegg. The Hugo Young Lecture, unwittingly attended by the Centre for Journalism's own Clare Rose Freeman and Nick Duffy, was the victim in the latest in the spate of student protests, which follow Clegg like the plague.

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