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Two tribes go to war…


We can exclusively reveal the teams for the year one and two joint print newsday on Thursday, January 30.

Both groups will be producing a 16 page newspaper in the style of the Daily Mail. Teams will be edited by Rob and Ian. Ron Green has agreed to be an editor “at large” and promises to provide neutral advice (just remember we’ve worked together for years, Ron…).

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NCTJ Portfolio briefing: new date


Those still seeking inspiration for a new year's resolution will find all the answers they need at a NCTJ Portfolio briefing from noon to 1pm on Friday, January 30.

The session will be held in the main newsroom, and will be a refresher on what the portfolio involves, how it's marked, and some pointers about writing and presentation.

For second years: This does not replace your normal Reporting class - after the portfolio session we'll talk about the next Reporting exam opportunity, in March.

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Great Scott! CfJ graduate races off with journalism award


Congratulations to CfJ graduate Scott Mitchell for being named the MSA and Renault's Young Journalist of the Year.

Scott graduated two years ago from the BA Journalism and the News Industry, and jumped straight into his dream job at Autosport.

The award is for the best young motor sports writer in Britain, and comes with a nice Christmas bonus: £1,000 and a year's membership of the Guild of Motoring Writers.

As if that wasn't enough, a few days later he was promoted to be Autosport's new features editor.

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NCTJ Skills Conference 2014


The NCTJ is holding its annual festival of journalism skills in Sheffield on Thursday and Friday.

It brings together journalists, academics and trainers to discuss the most important issues facing the next generation of reporters.

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By-election competition: the winners


A by-election of national signficance brought many of the country's top political journalists to Rochester and Strood during November.

It was an opportunity too good to miss for Centre for Journalism students, who elbowed their way into some of the glitziest media scrums ever seen in the Medway Towns to report on the historic battle between Ukip and the Conservatives.

At stake was not just the chance to go shoulder-to-shoulder with Nick Robinson, but also the prospect of cash prizes in our election coverage competition.

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Will Cumberbatch save the regional press?


From majestic photo-bombing to strutting like a diva, there is no end to the talents of Benedict Cumberbatch.

So it should come as no surprise that he may have accidentally created a new revenue stream for struggling newspapers.

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The Guardian's guide to better writing


Every journalist knows the sight of a newsroom full of flustered and bedraggled reporters cursing every tick of the second hand as the clock pushes on mercilessly towards a deadline.

Every news editor and sub knows that many of those reporters have only themselves to blame.

Reporters have wasted countless hours of valuable newsroom time typing out needlessly complex sentences, empty cliches and other alphabetic fodder. Countless more has been spent expunging the same before the stories can be published.

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The art of interviewing


I have to admit I was a little worried this morning when my car started to emit a shrill and urgent noise as it approached Chatham.

It turned out to be the radio, struggling to reach the whistle-tone frequency of Mishal Hussain's interview with deputy PM Nick Clegg on Radio 4's Today  (available on iPlayer, if you missed it).

Her determination to ensure Mr Clegg would not get a word in made me think about the interviewing advice Ron and I gave to our new recruits last week.

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Shorthand Champions League: Free wallchart!


The mouth-watering fixture list for our inaugural Shorthand Champions League has been confirmed.

And you will be able to keep track of it with our FREE CfJSCL wallchart (be honest, it wouldn't be a real sporting event without one).

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Shorthand Champions League: The draw


With fitting pomp and ceremony, the draw for the first round of the Shorthand Champions League took place today in the Centre's TV studio.

The competition will get under way for second and third years next week, with fixtures being played during Wednesday shorthand classes.

The draw - conducted by Ian Reeves and Rob Bailey, and overseen by Laura Garcia - threw up some tantalising clashes.

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