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Congratulations on excellent NCTJ law results!

Congratulations to the  twenty-three Year 2 and MA students who passed last month's NCTJ Court Reporting exam. We had almost a clean sweep of passes with 12 peple gaining Grade A. Special mention to Stine Wannebo and Jasmin Sahota who, with 87%, are now joint holders of the highest- ever mark by a CfJ student in an NCTJ law exam (sorry Jem!). Very well done to all.

Test NCTJ Court Reporting paper

Any students sitting - or re-sitting - NCTJ Court reporting on March 19th please note there is a test paper in module notes on the website. If you want to take it, please e-mail me your answers and I'll send you feedback. 

Year 2s - replacement Court Reporting session

Please don't forget that, as you have a newsday on Friday, we have a replacement Court Reporting session on Thursday Feb 27th from 1100 - 1300. It's in Room G4-04.

NCTJ Court Reporting - attention Year 2s and MAs

Please remember to bring your McNae with you to tomorrow's sessions. You need to make amendments to the Magistrates Court chapters in line with the new legislation.

NCTJ Court Reporting - attention Year 2s and MAs

If you've elected to take the NCTJ Court Reporting module please note that teaching begins this Friday - same times, same rooms as for EML last term. It's VERY important that you make every effort to attend all the sessions as we're on a tight time schedule this term - your exam is on March 19th!

NCTJ law - attention Year 2s, MAs and (a few) Year 3s.

Please don't forget to check your University of Kent e-mail inbox this holiday. You'll find a delightful Xmas gift from me - a test paper for your NCTJ Essential Media Law exam in January. Have fun!

NCTJ Law exam - important message for Year 2s, MAs and (a few) Year 3s

Please don't forget that you MUST see Anastasia and hand over your money (where necessary) for January's Essential Media Law exam by NEXT FRIDAY. If you don't you won't be able to sit the exam on January 22nd as the NCTJ needs your entries three weeks in advance - and it's Christmas!

Attention Year 2s - NCTJ Law test coming up.

Year 2s - there will be a short informal NCTJ Law test in our session on Friday November 1st. It's designed to test your knowledge of the subjects studied so far. Those of you who've attended few sessions need to download the handouts from the website and get in some serious reading of McNae. 

Congratulations - more NCTJ law exam success!

Congratulations to the Year 2s and MAs who passed last month's NCTJ Court Reporting exam. We had an almost 100% pass rate with six people achieving grade A. Jemma Collins topped her own joint-best score by a CfJ student in an NCTJ law exam with 85%! Well done everybody.

Court Reporting exam

I've put a final test paper on the website - please use this as part of your revision. You can e-mail your answers to me if you wish. It's the last session next Friday before the exam on March 20th - it would be good to see more people making an effort to attend.