Story opportunity

Professor David Nutt, the UK's former leading government adviser on drugs who was sacked by the government in 2009 after making controversial claims about the risks of ecstasy, LSD and cannabis, is to give a lecture at Canterbury from 6pm to 7pm on Wednesday, January 25. This would be a fascinating event to cover, and could be particularly useful for those of you looking for an issue to cover for the Public Affairs feature in your NCTJ portfolios. He will be talking specifically about the clash between science and politics in the formulation of drug policy and laws. More details here. And it coincides nicely with the publication of new sentencing guidelines for drug offences


Don't suppose there's any chance of a lift or any kind of Medway to Canterbury transport being provided for the talk? If yes then count me in!

By Paul Andrew Jam...

I have two spares seats if anyone wants to join me, Paul and John? 

By Clare Rose Freeman

Clare, I want to film him. 

Is there any way I can squeeze in?


By richardpendry

I talked to Dean yesterday - I'll check it out for the newsday:)

By laurahartmann

Does anyone have a spare place in a car going over? I want to film Professor Nutt for the Daily Beast. 

By richardpendry

I might get a taxi if anyone wants to come and chip in something for the cost. 

Let me know if anyone is interested. 


By richardpendry