Have you ever heard a man say that he hates a women that puts “too much” effort into her appearance? Have you ever heard a man say he hates hair extensions, fake eyelashes, fake tan and make up? Have you ever heard a man say that he prefers the “natural look”?

So have I. In fact, I think I’ve heard almost every man agree that they hate a fake woman.

So, from this point onwards, I’ve decided to embrace the natural look so that hopefully, I see my dating life improve. I want to be as natural as possible. I want to be my most natural self. I won’t be shaving, covering any facial blemishes or using any products to prevent them and I won’t be using any hair products to tame my sometimes difficult (but beautiful) African hair. No nail polish, no beauty lotion to smooth out my skin and no taming (plucking) my eyebrows. Maybe no deodorant either. Because according to men themselves, I am more beautiful in my hairy, pimply, smelly, “natural” state.

Unfortunately, that is not beautiful in anyway. I haven’t seen any beautician, beauty or fashion magazine or MAN depict that as beautiful. Not once. It may not be beautiful but it most definitely is natural. Men, you say you hate a fake woman but the woman that you love is fake. You wouldn't be able to handle her otherwise.

Just to clarify, no, I will not be embracing the natural look, ever. I was just trying to make a point.

According to a recent article on the Daily Mail, celebrities such as Lucy Watson were voted among the best natural beauties. What?

The same article posted that the average English women buys up to 100 beauty products a year. She buys 840 moisturisers, 360 nail varnishes and 300 lipsticks in her life. Women waste an average of 5864 beauty products in their lifetime and that usually amounts to about £180,000. One in 12 women admit to reapplying their lipstick up to nine times per day.

“And all because men prefer the ‘natural look’,” said the article. Men only buy about 960 products in their lifetime.

The sarcasm is unneeded. I don’t think that women should be put down because of their beauty obsessions and investments. Feminists may be ashamed of this or deny it but I honestly believe that the majority of what women do today is to gain the approval, admiration and appreciation of the opposite sex. The reason we dress the way we do, act the way we do and put as much effort into our appearance as we do is because of men. We want men to find us beautiful because realistically ,I believe that men are more obsessed with the female physical appearance than females themselves. They are always commenting on what is beautiful and what is not beautiful. Today, Lucy Watson is beautiful, tomorrow who knows?

Society is a sickiening thing at times. Society will brainwash you into thinking a certain way is beautiful, and the moment everybody tries it, we are told that we were better or more beautiful before. Basically, whatever the current beauty trend is (whether it be natural beauty or whatever), I don’t think that we should be blamed for purchasing products that help us achieve at least a slight level of “perfection” because men do love perfection and little do they know, 'natural' is far from it.

The natural look is exactly that. Just a look. An appearance. It’s just an illusion. Women use many products and put them together in such a way that it looks natural so that their natural beauty is enhanced, not hidden. Most of the time, there’s absolutely nothing natural about it because most of the time, the same men that have announced that they prefer the ‘natural look’ have made us feel like we can’t actually rely on our ACTUAL natural beauty.

In reality, men really have no idea just how much “fake” goes into looking “natural” and they really do need to stop talking about issues that they have no idea about.



The Woman That You Love Is Fake