Year 1 District Challenge teams

Here are the teams for the District Challenge - I'm looking for five pages of strong, original local news from your towns. The stories you find can be used in your assessed portfolios, which are due at the end of the year.

The deadline for the challenge is noon on Tuesday, March 12.

For the adventurous, I will put an InDesign template into the module notes for week 21. Pretty papers would be a bonus, but I really want to see good news judgement and story placement.

Thursday's session will focus on news gathering on a patch, which will also be vital during your KM work experience.

Good luck!


News editor: Jasmin

Jade, Katie, Cian, Cecily,  Nathalie, Stine


News editor: Dan

Amy, George, Helen, Uzoma, Michelle, Sanam, Zeynep


News editor: Ola

Paige, Alex,  Victoria, Clara, Nageen, Sophie