Hands up if you use YouTube? Wow, that's a lot of hands! According to Comscore, US YouTube users alone down-loaded 14.8 billion online videos during March 2009 an increase of 4% on December's record figures. Their survey found there are now well over 100 million Youtube users per month and it's growing.
But how many of us are downloading video from YouTube as well as watching it? No-one knows, but if one in ten users also download, then that's half a billion daily downloads, 20 million downloads an hour, 3,400 downloads a second. Or it was until today.
The majority of downloaders use YouTube's download tool. It's free and "lets you save videos from YouTube and play them on your computer" according to the blurb. But today, unexpectedly, the YouTube downloader has stopped working.
Users across the planet are greeted with the error message "No Flash Video Found".
Other software tools still work and it is possible to download using other software. And none of this stops anyone simply watching video.
The internet chat rooms are buzzing with perplexed downloaders, but very few explanations.
One theory is that YouTube has made a change to the dimensions of their video and forgot the impact this would have on their downloader. I don't know if this is true or not as I haven't noticed any difference myself.
Other online theories are that it is some cyber attack by international terrorists.
If I find out more I'll pass it on.
Graham Majin is Head of Video Production and Video Marketing at Kent Video Production company Kersh Media. http://www.video-podcasts.org.uk

YouTube's Global Download Disaster - "No Flash Video Found"