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The morning after pill, available online and on your office desk within two hours.


The emergency contraception, Levonelle, known commonly as the morning after pill will be avaliable online from next week and can be delievered, by courier, to your office desk within two hours.

The service, currently only avaliable in London, costs £20 and is provided by the website and could be extended to other cities if it is successful. 

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Is the Portcullis a 'scary logo'?


An advisor to the Speaker has suggested that Parliament's porticullis logo is seen as a gate to keep the public out and has suggested a rebranding. 

What do people think of the logo? And what could a new logo look like?

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Should we really ‘Like’ Facebook as much as we do?



In 2010, Facebook introduced the ‘Like’ button and the little blue thumbs up has since become a familiar sight on most websites. Whether you are reading an article, doing a bit of shopping or searching for somewhere to go on holiday, the thumb is there asking you to ‘Like’ whatever you are looking at, automatically sharing the link on your Facebook friends’ newsfeeds.

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All in a day's work...


Gas bombs and public hangings are not two things you would associate with the deputy prime minister in this day and age, but both are in a days' work for Nick Clegg. The Hugo Young Lecture, unwittingly attended by the Centre for Journalism's own Clare Rose Freeman and Nick Duffy, was the victim in the latest in the spate of student protests, which follow Clegg like the plague.

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"Listen and learn before you shout".


As i walked along York Way towards Kings Place Gallery, i was confronted with smoke bombs and Nick Clegg hanging from homemade gallows.

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