When the people don’t want democracy...


The people of Libya and other countries in the Middle East and South Asia might not be so keen on democracy after all.

The western press have celebrated the Arab Spring as the struggle for democracy against totalitarian dictatorships, but surveys have come to show that the people of Libya and other countries would prefer a ‘strong leader’.

Only 15% of 2,000 people surveyed by academics from Benghazi and Oxford universities said they wanted a democracy installed by next year and more than 40% wanted a ‘strong’ group or leader.

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Will the media ever learn?


So for the second time this year, union led strikes and protests will be dominating the country and of course the News Agenda across media outlets tomorrow.

Again, for the second time this year, the press so far has been extremely negative and unfair towards those who plan to strike.

Teachers are going to make up a large number of those striking with it being estimated that nine in ten schools will be shut tomorrow.

This poses a massive inconvenience to parents either having to take a day off work or find some form of alternative childcare. 

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Is the NUS fundamentally undemocratic?


A message for all NUS representatives and a call to all students

Now that we have reached the end of our time at the 2011 National Union of Students (NUS) Conference, let us pause and reflect. We have elected Liam Burns as the new NUS president, a president elected by 446 votes to represent seven million students. Seven million students! He is the one the vast majority of those students will come to equate with the NUS. Charged with representing the entirety of the student body he is the one who they will see on the news.

Gateshead conference centre in Newcastle, site of this year's NUS Conference 
The Sage Centre in Gateshead, Newcastle - site of this year's NUS conference

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The BBC and local journalism


Can the BBC save local reporting? It thinks it can and its offer is likely to be welcomed by government and commercial news providers. I think the corporation is being selfish. The Independent gave me a chance to explain why .  

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