Now it is all coming out


After John Terry has his super-injunction overturned last week, The Daily Telegraph has revealed the identity of the Premier League manager seen leaving a brothel in December last year.

Of course as with John Terry, Avram Grant's name has been all over the internet which is probably why the Telegraph decided to publish.

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Update: another super-injunction we now can tell you about


As the Guardian is now reporting - and as much of the online world was already well aware this morning - the philandering swine with the powerful lawyers was that fine upstanding gentleman, Mr John Terry. Expect pages of detail in the News of the World this Sunday.

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The injunction that failed, thanks to Twitter


This morning's conference featured much discussion about the Guardian's front page story about an injunction banning it from... well from something it couldn't really tell us about because of the stringent nature of the ban.

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