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    Aqua Massage read at 100, 80, 60

    90 wpm passage

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    Thank-you Tim.

    And congratulations Cecily! You really deserve it.

    And sorry Laura.... I'm joining the Medway Messenger with Lizzie Massey and Clare Freeman...

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    In the Centre for Journalism we are accustomed to our graduates getting great jobs as journalists, it is, after all, a very important part of what we exist to achieve. We are even familiar with the reality that some of our students get great jobs shortly before they graduate. But, for two of our third years to secure their first steps on the career ladder before the end of the Easter vacation is truly exceptional. So, huge congratulations to Cecily and Jade. We are immesnely proud of you both. The BBC and the KM Group have got two excellent new journalists. 

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    Samuel Pepys, Isaac Newton, Charles Dickens -  all used types of speedwriting. Now a new name has been thrust upon the list of the greats. Well done Ile. a tremendous achievement in a mere two terms. Perhaps in the summer term you can go for the speed record - 350wpm over two minutes. On second thoughts, perhaps you'll have other things on your mind. Ron

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    I'm waiting anxiously about the draw Rob, who faced off against who? The people want to know! :)