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    Former Medwire Editor here, and I just wanted to express my backing for this idea. When we were running the Medwire before, we managed to get a pretty successful track record of breaking original stories, and were picked up in lot of places - as well as The Mail, Kent Online and BBC you mentioned, there was also the Indy, the Telegraph, Guardian etc and the work I did on it undoubtabtly got me my first job.

    We also got a lot of awards, which I think would be super easy for you to replicate, as well as funding from local businesses.

    If I can ever be of any help, please do let me know as the Medwire was my baby, the SPA has lots of advice for indy publications and making it sustainable, as well as using the ace content from news days!


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    I had a conversation over the summer with someone on holiday on a similar subject about how the whole idea of patriotism is something we now associate with the far right, especially in Britain.

    The example we came to was the difference between someone in America having the Stars and Stripes paraded outside their house and someone in England having the St George's Cross (rather than the Union Flag) in their bedroom window. In one we'd associate it with that rather stereotypical love of 'Murica', and yet over here we'd associate it rather more with something like the EDL. (Emily Thornberry's rather condescending tweet 'an image from Rochester' after UKIP won that by-election in 2014 is one example of that line of thinking) And sure the far right do like to dress up as Crusaders and walk around with England flags, but outside of football tournaments we do seem to have allowed those particular extremists to entirely appropriate our country's flag for themselves, and it's odd to wonder why that is. 

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    What is 'the entire right wing movement'? 

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    Brad, Paul Borg is a man of integrity and honor (aside from the racial thingos). Would you ever consider voting for him?

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    And I'd particularly like to thank the organisers for the charming service, and of course the quality of the scones.