After almost 7 months in England, I finally feel at home.

It was the conclusion with which I had dreamed to finish the year.

My first months abroad were mixed in a flood of unclear feelings. The arrival in a university system different from all that I had known until then was a challenge, which I managed to overcome thanks to the cocoon created by the centre for journalism.

My experience at Liberty Quays, however, was not as good as the university one. After 5 months without having a full night because of my noisy flatmates, I had to move to another flat because I could not stand it anymore.

Since this move, I finally have the feeling to feel as good as in my country. When I wrote my last post blog, it was quite complicated to see my English experience as a positive thing, the discomfort felt in this apartment took over everything I could live outside.

Some meetings also made my English experience more entertaining and rewarding: ranging from typical English girls, to young Iranian woman, or to Italian boy. And as you probably all know « It’s not about what you know, but who you know ». Through these people, I’m learning and discovering everyday what to know about their culture, and how to understand them.

This year I learned how to dare: to dare to say when things are wrong, but also to dare to express oneself, to dare to ask questions, to dare to speak to people, to dare to deal with mistakes and to start again.

Next week, I have my first professional experience, and I was not planning a better way to end the year. I Look forward to use what I have learned in a practical framework. Perhaps also that with this evolution, for the next blog post, I will tell something else that my foreign perspective experience. Still must we dare.

Experience abroad, as well as in journalism, is to persevere and to dare