Course Module: 
Convergent Journalism 1

Have a look at the two collages of Gillingham High Street North Side and Gillingham High Street South Side at:


here and here

In particular look at the Chef's Delight shop on the north side.


You are required to research and produce a piece of multimedia journalism that reflects an aspect of life on Gillingham High Street during the credit crunch.

  1. In telling your story, your must use at least two of these elements: text, audio, video. You can also use still photos.
  2. All elements of your story must be accessible online at both of the following sites:

a) The High Street collages at,

b) The assignments section of the Centre for Journalism web site;

  1. You may, if you choose, present the elements of your story on a web site or blog of your own making. However if you do so, you must ensure that users can access all of those elements with links from both 3a and 3b above.
  2. There are no specific length or word count limits for any elements of your story; it is up to you ensure that these are appropriate for the medium.
  3. The deadline is 1pm, Thursday April 9



Online assignment briefing