Second year Centre for Journalism undergraduate John Saunders got the chance to grill the Prime Minister last week, and he didn't waste the opportunity. At a Question Time session organised by the Kent Messenger Group, Saunders quizzed Gordon Brown on an opinion poll showing that a majority of respondents feel British troop involvement in Afghanistan is increasing the risk of terrorist attacks at home. Here's the full exchange, filmed by the KMG's online team.

There's more from the PM's visit to Maidstone at KentOnline here.

Use as Showcase?: 


It's just an endless issue. How can such stability be achieved with a partner like Karzai? What kind of nation building is even possible in one of the poorest countries on earth where, as Christina Lamb recently pointed out, the US is spending $4bn dollars a month, and yet has only mustered an Afghan army of 80,000 (as compared with 600,000 in Iraq)? How is it anything like the escalation and commitment needed for such a strategy going to be politically possible with public support dropping off a cliff? And so on...

I know it is a trivial point in the context of a terrible war, and I apologise in advance for lowering the tone of debate,  but who or what is Alky Aida?  I am familiar with the fundamentalist terror network Al Qaeda (pron: Al Kye eeda) but Gordon Brown appears to have stopped talking about it. He has a new foe. Is this, perhaps, a Kirkcaldy based social organisation, or simply a Dunfermlinite called Aida with a drink problem? I think we deserve to be told. 

On  a serious note:  very well done, John. You asked pertinent questions and you were polite without being deferential. That is exactly the right approach. The shorthand looks impressive too.  


Saunders versus Brown