About this site

This site was created using Drupal by Ian Reeves as a live publishing environment for the students and staff of the Centre for Journalism, one of the University of Kent's most ambitious new departments.

NCTJaccreditedIts first cohort of graduates completed their degrees in June 2011 and its teaching staff include Prof. Tim Luckhurst, Ian Reeves, Prof. Geoff Craig, Richard Pendry, Lesley Phippen, Rob Bailey and Lee Kenny. 

To learn more about its BA degree programme and its MA programmes, click here.

We welcome contributions from outside the department, but request that you register first - please use your real name as a user name. Click on the 'create new account' link here or in the panel to the left.

For more information about the centre's courses and research, see the department's pages on the Unversity of Kent's main website.

To contact the department call 01634 202913 or email journalism[at]kent.ac.uk 

For Drupal enthusiasts, the site uses a variation on the Marinelli theme, created by Matteo Leoni.