Congratulations again!


Congratulations to the many Year 2 and MA students who were successful in last week's NCTJ law exams. Two-thirds of the papers gained pass marks - a really excellent achievement. Special mentions must go to Peter Brown and Claire Burke who both gained A grades - but all who passed worked really hard. Well done! 

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Congratulations to the 13 students who were successful in the April NCTJ Law exams - there were some excellent results and some really pleasing examples of how you CAN make it through if you really get stuck in to the work! Special mention goes to those who achieved A grades - Joe Downes, Nick Guttridge, Lizzie Massey and James Warner. But a big well done to all who passed - it was two-thirds of the entries which is a great result for an NCTJ exam.    

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Please return all CFJ kit to the Kit Room by 31st May 2012 AT THE LATEST.


Would all students please return everything to the kit room asap - I need to audit our gear and arrange replacement/repair of faulty equipment. If you are overdue please arrive with your fine in cash. Any returns beyond the date of 31st may will incur an additional penalty.

Thank you.

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The Exclusives confirms everything I hate about reality TV


Earlier this year a friend of mine sent me details about an “exciting” new TV show to launch this year, marketed as the journalistic version of The Apprentice. Initially dubious about the damage (as opposed the fictitious benefits) a reality TV show could do to my potential career I decided to give it a miss. It wasn’t until what seemed like the entire population of Kent’s journalism course started applying I decided to jump on The Exclusives band wagon.

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Congratulations Dean Kilpatrick and Sara Malm


Huge congratulations to Dean Kilpatrick who will join Kent on Sunday as a trainee reporter on May 23 and also to Sara Malm who has started working shifts at Mail Online, probably the world's most successful newspaper website. It is becoming something of a pattern in the Centre for Journalism that our most determined students secure jobs in journalism before they have graduated. I hope everyone will join me in celebrating Dean's and Sara's achievements in continuing a fine tradition. Dean will be covering the whole of Kent and he tells me that he hopes the opportunity will help him to expand skills he has learned in the Centre and to supply a regular stream of exclusive stories for his paper. He adds: "The course has obviously pushed me in the right direction as the NCTJ preliminary certificates proved essential in getting the job. I think it also benefited my application that I was able to suggest multimedia ideas and had carried out previous work experience." Sara's byline has already appeared on a string of stories for Mail Online. She also tells me that her multimedia skills are proving particularly useful.   

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Can the internet save dying languages?


Every 14 days a language dies. More than a half of the world’s 7,000 distinct languages could disappear by the end of the century, threatened by cultural changes, ethnic shame and government repression, US researchers say.

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'The Grudge Fight of the Century', but is it morally wrong?


Upton Park. July 14th.

We all knew it was coming. From the very moment Derek Chisora’s promoter, Frank Warren, said at a post-fight news conference in Munich last February: “”I’ve got a great idea. If Dereck fights David, the winner fights Vitali”.

But the fight is morally wrong.

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Stop labelling young people


Have a look through a copy of the Daily Mail or the Sun and you are bound to find a cynical story of how young people are destroying society.

It wasn’t until doing work experience on a local paper that I realised how damaging stories like this can be to the image of the younger generation.

As part of my work, I decided that I would take a different approach and try to bring some light on the real situation affecting young people.

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When the people don’t want democracy...


The people of Libya and other countries in the Middle East and South Asia might not be so keen on democracy after all.

The western press have celebrated the Arab Spring as the struggle for democracy against totalitarian dictatorships, but surveys have come to show that the people of Libya and other countries would prefer a ‘strong leader’.

Only 15% of 2,000 people surveyed by academics from Benghazi and Oxford universities said they wanted a democracy installed by next year and more than 40% wanted a ‘strong’ group or leader.

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Who hired the Argentine foreign minister? And why is Argentina still hung up on the Falklands?


With the London 2012 Olympic Games just around the corner, I was left dumbfounded when faced with Argentina’s answer to an ‘Olympic advert’.

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