Graduation pictures on Facebook


A selection of pictures from our recent graduation ceremony (thanks to Gerardo) are now available on the CfJ's all-new Facebook page. It's still a work in progress, but it would be helpful if all you Facebookers out there could 'like' the page. I need 25 'likes' for the page to be able to give the page a proper name. Once you've 'liked' the page, you should also be able to post your own pics from the graduation ceremony to the page - so please feel free. We'd love to see more.

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Tania shines at Sky News


This year's Bob Friend scholar, Tania Steere, is into her second week at Sky News and seems to be having a ball. She's largely been shadowing reporters and working on the planning desk - but yesterday saw her first piece of content used in a package. She interviewed one of the widows of servicemen who were exposed to radiation during weapons testing at Christmas Island in the 1950s. 

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Pride in our first graduates


Today is a proud day for the Centre for Journalism, as our first cohorts of undergraduate and postgraduate students receive their degrees at a graduation ceremony at Rochester Cathedral. It has been our privilege to teach them and we know that many will go on to do us proud with long and fruitful careers in the industry. Some have already started on that journey. Congratulations to everyone graduating today.

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Regulating the Press


The hacking of Milly Dowler's phone by the News of the World has turned a topic that was of interest to few into a moral panic that engages the public. The Prime Minister has responded by calling  time on the Press Complaints Commission, but what will replace it? Will politicians enforce statutory regulation? Is there a way to achieve independent regulation with teeth?  Many journalists fear that the crisis engulfing News International's newspapers - and who knows how many other newspapers may yet get sucked in to the vortex - could ultimately prove highly damaging to British journalism. Yesterday's Independent featured a couple of pieces featuring CfJ staff members expressing those fears. You can see my Media Studies commentary piece here - and Ian Burrell's piece quoting Ian Reeves here.

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On phone-hacking, defending tabloids, and the future of them


As many of you know, I dream of editing in tabloids, so I couldn't let the phone-hacking scandal at my beloved News International go uncommented.  Currently doing work experience at The Sun, I'm smack-bang in the middle of it all, and I have written about it on my blog Scandilous Life on The Medwire.

"As a journalism student infatuated with tabloids and as an admirer of Rebekah Brooks I will no longer hold my peace. The phone-hacking crisis is devastating for News of the World and News International, and if all the accusations are true it is absolutely disgusting. Sienna Miller and various slebs, reality TV stars and footballers I could live with, laugh at and defend. Murdered schoolgirls, war widows and 7/7 victims I cannot. However, this is an opportunity to clean up our acts and not a day of doom for a major part of commercial journalism..." To read on, click here:

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Centre's Third Years achieve near-perfection in newswriting results


Over 90 per cent of  the Centre for Journalism's third years - our first cohort of students - have now passed the notoriously difficult NCTJ newswriting exam. Fourteen out of the fifteen students have now passed, a stunning level of achievement for the Centre. In addition, six out of eight of our first year of Postgrads - 75 per cent - passed the new Diploma Reporting exam at the first attempt. We wish all our leavers well as they move into the world of work, and congratulations on your success here.

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Third years talk about graduating from the CfJ


Recent graduates on their experiences at the University of Kent's Centre for Journalism

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Final Year and MA results


The final year and MA results are now displayed in Gillingham Reception and will be a available on SDS at 4pm this afternoon.

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Independence without scrutiny?


Sales of Scottish newspapers have fallen steeply in recent years leading to job losses and a new democratic deficit. Debate has started about independence and the future of the union, but are there enough journalists to cover it and enough readers to take it seriously? The Independent on Sunday asked me to write about it. There is interest in Edinburgh. Feel free to participate in the debate.   

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A council, a Freedom of Information request...and zombies?


Any first years stuck revising for local government?

One worried member of the public is single-handedly trying to make Public Affairs appeal to everyone, with a wonderfully ingenious Freedom of Information request.

Leicester City Council admitted it was not ready for a potential zombie invasion after he/she voiced concerns that provisions to deal with any attack were poor.

I can see the new sign now: "Leicester. Home of the undead. (Twinned with Essex)"

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