Message for Third Years


I will be holding a final two-hour newswriting session on Monday, 12 - 2. I heartily recommend that all of you down to take the exam on April 23 come along. We will be going through two question ones, and my failsafe list of top 30 tips for passing. I have cancelled Thursday's newswriting session after listening to pleas re: the project. Additionally: I only have 6 portfolios ready for posting on Wednesday. These are: Nikki, Danielle, Laura, Dean, Sarah W and Sophie.

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Egypt's Revolution continues: through the eyes of Ghada Shahbender


We all know what happened in Egypt. As journalists we are trapped in a current affairs knowledge competition. Knowing becomes a sense of professional pride. But how often do we question if the stories we are getting from a screen or a printed page tell the whole story? Or, to frame it differently, how much do we really know beyond the fact that the Egyptian people fought a dictator and seemingly won before we moved on to more “exciting” news like Libya or Syria?

I recently had the great pleasure of listening to Ghada Shahbender, human rights advocate and grassroots organizer in Egypt. Ghada not only organizes medics on the ground through social media, but also liaises with international reporters of the calibre of Marie Calvin, who she remembers, “did her best to portray the plight” of the Egyptians. Ms Shahbender explained how mainstream western media had misrepresented Egypt’s Arab Spring.

“The media summarized and simplified our revolution because it was easier,” she said.

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Falkland Veterans are still fighting a war. An accuracy war with the media.


I am currently working on a project for my Multimedia Storytelling module on the Falklands, as it is the 30th anniversary of the war this year.

As you can imagine, this means I’ve been watching just about every Falklands-related programme on the TV lately - and there have been a few!

But rarely, do the veterans find they are 100 per cent accurate, and many of them debate over the programmes via the Facebook group ‘Falklands 30’.

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Times have changed


Not to indulge in too much golden age-ism, but you can't help but reflect on the present state of the British press after reading this letter from the editor of the Daily Mail to his staff in 1966.

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Grass-roots journalism: book launch and debate


I'm chairing a debate in London next week to mark the launch of a book on grass-roots journalism that I've co-edited with John Mair, occasionally of this parish, and Neil Fowler, a former regional newspaper editor of great standing and recently Guardian Research Fellow at Nuffield College, Oxford.

The panel includes Chris Oakley, the editor-turned-entrepreneur whose gamble in running a management buyout of the newspaper he edited paved the way for massive structural changes that transformed the newspaper industry through the 90s and beyond. We'll also be joined by two of the newer generation of entrepreneurial thinkers, Ross Hawkes of Lichfield Live and Tom O'Brien of MyMuswell, whose experiments with hyperlocal journalism blogs may well indicate the shape of things to come. Guardian media columnist and City University professor Roy Greenslade will add his unique insight to the proceedings too.

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Privacy Law and the Media - please complete this questionnaire


I am a postgraduate research student with the Centre for Journalism looking into privacy law, and I honestly believe that my research focus is probably one of the most interesting and exciting areas to currently be considering. I have set up a short questionnaire, and would really appreciate your input.

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NCTJ exam dates for Years 2, 3 and MAs


The following dates are for NCTJ exams that will take place in the centre. Students MUST have paid Anastasia THREE WEEKS prior to these dates for any exam they are planning to sit. This is not negotiable. Anastasia will only enter students who have paid, and the NCTJ will not accept entries less than three weeks before any exam. Students are entirely responsible for ensuring that they are entered for the exams they wish to sit.

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Libel laws need reform - Simon Singh


Libel laws are stifling the media’s ability to address public concerns was the message put to students yesterday in an open lecture by Simon Singh.

In the hour long lecture at the Canterbury campus, the acclaimed scientific author and journalist talked about all aspects of the media, from the good, to the bad and ugly.

He said: “How can you have a journalist raising a legitimate concern then finding themselves sued for libel?”

“We think we live in a free country but our libel laws are some of the strictest in the world”.

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Sky Sports News summer placement


Sky Sports News is offering a fantastic opportunity for summer work placements for undergraduate and postgraduate students with a passion for sport. There are details here on the NCTJ's web site.

Note that applicants would need to have reached 100wpm shorthand in time for the placement.

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Frost on interviews


It should be worth tuning in to BBC4 tonight for the first in a short series of documentaries about the television interview. It's presented by David Frost, who looks at the history of this very particular format and talks to some of its great practitioners.

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