Deciding the future of the UK


Following the SNP's astonishing victory in last week's Scottish Parliamentary election I was determined to raise the question of who has the authority to consent to the break up of the United Kingdom. Alex Salmond insists that this is a question for Scottish voters only. I think he is wrong. Union was the consequence of consent  by both sovereign nations. I believe voters throughout the UK should be consulted before it is broken up. The Mail on Sunday invited me to write about it. You can read my column here.  Then the Today Programme invited me to debate the topic. Listen here

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AV - Will apathy win?


The UK is having a referendum TODAY to decide whether the current voting system of First Past the Post (FPTP) should be changed to the Alternative Vote (AV).

I fear apathy will win today as it appears that the people of Kent are either unaware of what AV is, or are uninterested in electoral reform. 

AV could be voted through and implemented on a small voter turnout - So get down there and vote NO!!! 

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Sky News Royal Wedding Video


As part of Sky News' coverage of the Royal Wedding they commissioned the work of some student journalists around the country. Here is the effort of myself and Mr Dan May. Unfortunately, a problem with the Sky server meant it was not uploaded in time, but it was a great experience nonetheless and we're pretty pleased with the final result.

You can view the video here:

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'Mad Melvin' mouths off about the Royal Wedding


This call was made to BBC Three Counties Radio this morning and has become a bit of an internet sensation since. I'll say no more and let Melvin do the rest...

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A legal nightmare


I read this story in the local Sunday paper this morning. It looks to be a legal minefield.

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Kent At War - James Woodock's Third Year project


Third year student James Woodcock produced a multimedia project for his final year looking at the impact on various Kent families of their loved ones going away to war. The Kent Messenger Group has now published a piece about his work on its web site, including a link to his full project. You can see his trailer below.


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Kelvin takes aim at university journalism courses


You can always rely on former Sun editor Kelvin McKenzie to stir up a hornet's nest. He's taken aim this time at university degree courses in journalism, suggesting all journalism colleges be shut down.

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Reform the House of Lords? Just get rid of it!


The progressive reform of the House of Lords could reach a quick conclusion if only we choose to follow the single-chambered footsteps of countries like New Zealand. This was the tongue firmly in cheek suggestion made by Baroness Dianne Hayter in a talk to Centre for Journalism students earlier today at the Houses of Parliament.

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Legend visits Centre


Chris Moncrieff, veteran former political editor of the Press Association, enthralled students in the Centre today with tales from his fifty years as a frontline political reporter. He recalled how he broke the news of Margaret Thatcher's resignation, ended the Gulf War five minutes early because his clock was fast and watched Denis Thatcher feed a bun to the wrong end of an elephant. He advised aspiring journalists always to carry a passport, to dress smartly and to use shorthand. He said his only regret was that his parents wanted him to be a solicitor, so he spent a few months working for a law firm in London before he got his first job as a reporter. That was in 1949. He has met every post war British Prime Minister, including Clement Attlee and Winston Churchill. 

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