Being Labelled a Cheerleader for Islamic Zealots Is No Joke - Response


Yesterday Lauren Booth posted a piece on the Huffington Post site in response to the tabloids who ran stories about her being “a sinister-sounding woman who takes time off from fund raising for ‘terrorist' families’ only to pander to her rarefied hobby as a ‘cheerleader for Islamic Zealots’.”

Booth is an English broadcaster, journalist and activist, currently working as a freelance writer and media consultant. Her response is entitled ‘Being Labelled a Cheerleader for Islamic Zealots Is No Joke’.

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British newspapers' online coverage of reactions on Cologne sex attacks


Five days into the new year, a press conference shocked the German public with reports about a spate of sexual assaults in Cologne on New Year's Eve.


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One country is championing young feminism, whilst another is dismantling it


Back in December, it was announced that every 16 year-old student in Sweden will be given a copy of a book titled We all ought to be feminists. 

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Covering Corbyn's reshuffling of the pack



As we immersed ourselves back into the news cycle after the holiday period, those of us in Britain found a rather busy domestic agenda somewhat captured by Jeremy Corbyn’s shadow cabinet reshuffle. 

Now anybody who has had even the most fleeting of acquaintance with me knows that I am, frankly, a shameless politico, and as a result found what has been dubbed humorously “the night(s) of the blunt knives” fascinating. 

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CfJ students produce hit festive video for BBC Radio Kent


Following the success of last year's Xmas hit "Fairytale of Kent" (also produced by a group of our students), the team at BBC Radio Kent didn't think twice about approaching the Centre for a quality Xmas production. 

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Fantastic first radio newsday for undergrads


Have a listen to our first year undergrad's newsday!! Putting together 30 mins of live radio is no easy task, and even more so when you've only been studying how to do it for less than 6 months. 

Nevertheless, our almost 40 strong class took on the mammoth task brilliantly and delivered two impressive shows full of national, local and international stories. If this is how they start, we cannot wait to see what they'll be up to in a couple of years time. 


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NCTJ Law - attention Year 2s and MAs


1. There WILL be NCTJ law sessions - festive themed - this Friday.

2. There are EMLR test papers for your Xmas holiday revision in Anastasia's office in a box file marked SARAH. Please pick one up. 

3. Please note there is a final exam revision session - both groups combined - on Wednesday January 20th from 2 - 4pm in the UG newsroom. No sessions that Friday as I'm at a meeting in London.     

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All students : Please return all kit by fri 18th Dec. DEADLINE.


If you have a requirement for kit over the Christmas period and have not yet discussed this with your tutor or myself, please do so, asap.

All other kit is to be returned to the kit room BEFORE NOON this friday 18th December.

Please ensure your kit is COMPLETE, RECHARGED, clean, NEAT AND TIDY. Losses and breakages/faults to be reported to me please. You will be charged for lost/missng items.

Incomplete kit will not be accepted and a penalty incurred if the return deadline is subsequently breached.

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Mark Daly and Sir Alan moses - Mondays in 4/13


The second year 'Power without responsibility ' module get a distinguished speaker by skype each week for twenty minutes at 12.20 in toom 4/13.If others are free they are welcome to attend.

Coming up

Monday Dec 7th MARK DALY of BBC SCOTLAND .One of the best known TV investigative journalists of the day.Multi award winning for programmes on Rangers and Mo Farah's coach recently .In a previous life he was 'The Secret Policeman'.How does he do it?

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"DID YOU SEE?" Monday Dec 7TH Channel 4 news editor



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