What is the Rise blog?

The Rise Blog (rise.mahindra.com) is a Mahindra-hosted blog that features stories of individuals and organizations having a positive impact in their communities (environment, health, economic development, etc.), as well as editorials on the state of certain development categories (i.e. education in India, health, entrepreneurship) including solutions of what can be done. The focus is both on India and internationally. (Note: the content is NOT about Mahindra businesses). We are looking for freelance journalists and bloggers to contribute to the Rise blog.

What kind of content do we want? Short articles (500-600 words) featuring NGO’s, social businesses, non-profits and for-profits who are doing meaningful work to improve their communities in the following categories. Also editorials on the current state of the below-mentioned categories:

·         Energy and Technology

  • ·         Infrastructure and Transportation
  • ·         Agriculture & Rural Development
  • ·         Entrepreneurship
  • ·         Culture and Education
  • ·         Health

Here are two examples:

·         Learning from a Distance: Bridging the Educational Gap in the Brazilian Amazon: http://rise.mahindra.com/learning-from-a-distance-bridging-the-educational-gap-in-the-brazilian-amazon/

·         Early Stage Impact Investing—Filling the Funding Gap: http://rise.mahindra.com/early-stage-impact-investing-filling-the-funding-gap/

With what frequency? We would like to start out with 1-2 articles, and then move in to an agreement where the journalist will contribute 1-2 articles in a monthly basis.

How much do we compensate our freelance journalists? The starting rate is 7500 Rs (87 pounds)  per article (negotiable once a working relationship has been established)

Interested should  contact Karen Woodin Rodriguez woodin.karen@gmail.com

Freelance Opportunity with Indian Company Mahidra Rise Blog