1st MA radio newsday

After a lot of hard work here's what the MAs came up with on their first radio afternoon. It's quite a challenge putting to gether a LIVE radio show, and very different from just cutting a bit of audio. 

They all did a fantastic job in rolling with the punches, working with very little time, and learning tons of new things.  Have a listen, it's a great start. 

Team A

Presented by Natalie and Greg

Got any good FOI stories? SPA competition deadline in two days!!!

The SPA (Student Publication Association) has a brand new award for student journalists designed to celebrate intuitive and investigative reporting.

Submit your best article based on a Freedom of Information (FOI) request and Matt Burgess, author, data transparency campaigner and editor of FOI Directory, and Julie Palmer, veteran regional newspaper editor, will judge the entires.

#KentExtra helpers needed

Hey guys!

We are running a Kent Extra workshop form June 1-5 at the Centre. This is a great opportunity to practice and share your skills with other Uni of Kent students.

On most days, we need people to help us pre-make a radio bulletin, a tv show, website or newspaper and then help them finish it during their afternoon lesson. You would be helping me, Rob, Ian and Richard out. 

If you are free to help for one or a couple of days please email me on lauris.garcia@gmail.com.

ps. It's paid work, get some monies. 


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