If you are taking the NCTJ Court Reporting exam and weren't at last Friday's sessions please go to Anastasia's office and pick up three important things. 1. The test paper we have started working on. 2. A general revision guide. 3. A revision guide specifically about the various "sections" you need to know. They are in a blue box file marked "SARAH". You MUST bring the test paper with you to your next session.   


Voice Training - attention Year 2s and MAs

Year 2s - voice training will start next Monday - the 23rd. (Sorry for the confusion about this morning.) I will put a rota on the UG newsroom door on Wednesday - please make a note of your scheduled date and time slot.

International MAs - a few of you are still to have your voice traning. This will be on Friday afternoons at 3.15pm - a rota is going on your newsroom door on Wednesday.   

NCTJ Law revision - attention Year 2s and PGs

Don't forget we have a final NCTJ Law session on Wednesday January 18th from 2 - 4pm in the large UG newsroom. This is for both groups and replaces this Friday's usual law sessions. Please remember to bring with you the Christmas holiday test paper (Jan 2016). And a reminder that teaching for the NCTJ Court Reporting module starts on Friday January 27th - same times, same rooms as last term. If you intend to take this module please make every effort to attend ALL the Friday sessions as we are on a tight schedule.

NCTJ Law - attention Year 2s and MAs

There is an Essential Media Law test paper for you to pick up in Anastasia's office. Please use this as your revision during the Christmas break and we will go through it in the class we are holding on January 18th at 2pm in the UG newsroom. REMEMBER - this replaces your normal Friday class that week. There WILL be NCTJ law classes this Friday - the 16th - for anybody who's finding all this Christmas stuff a bit much and needs an hour or so of sanity. Of a kind.........



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