You know about Rupert - now meet his Dad.......

If you're studying History of Journalism - or even if you're not - try to watch "Gallipoli - when Murdoch went to war" on iplayer. It's a docudrama which went out on BBC2 last Saturday night to coincide with Anzac Day. Fascinating insight into Rupert's father and the part he played in exposing the horrors of the ill-fated 1915 Gallipoli campaign. Was he a slightly slippery character......or not?  

NCTJ Court Reporting sessions - attention Year 2s and MAs

Please note that tomorrow's NCTJ Court Reporting sessions WILL be going ahead - usual times, usual places, Please make every effort to come as this is your final chance before next week's exam. I know several of you can't make it due to other exams clashing - I will e-mail test-yourself papers to you tomorrow.  

Attention Year 2s and MAs - NCTJ Court Reporting sessions

Please don't forget that NCTJ Court Reporting sessions have been arranged for this Wednesday - Feb 4th - to replace those we lost last Friday. Both are in Room M2 - 28. Years 2s from 2pm - 3.30pm and MAs from 3.45pm - 5.15pm. This Friday - the 6th - there will be the usual sessions at the usual times.  


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