Having just finished writing two essays on the importance of freedom of expression, I might have a bit too much aggresion toward the topic, however I must say: NEVER in my two years of studying journalism have I seen a year with people so intent on ensuring every blog post makes me go "Oh wow." 

Yeah, that was a generalization, not every first year is so intense but there are definitely more of them than usual, right? I've seen them stand on the wrong side of homophobia, racism, sexism and mental illness! There was probably one on religion that I missed. And the year isn't even over yet.

Now, do they make good points? Yeah. I often catch myself letting the corners of my mouth fall as I nod in agreement like an Obama meme while reading them, but that's beside the point. The point is: chill, first years.

It's like they just heard about freedom of speech for the first time and are super excited to play with it. 

I do think society has gotten a bit too sensitive, and it probably won't surprise anyone that a first year has also addressed that in a blog post. That said, there's no need to push back on everything. Everything's better in moderation and all that. 

Speaking of moderation, definitely have less people in your year. There's too many of you.



Hey man,

I just want to apologise on behalf of my year-group for our obviously irritating enthusiasm. We still haven't learned to kill the idiosyncratic ideas that make us unique, but I think your kind words will allow us to follow the path you took towards that noble ideal.

We're a little bit thick, you see. We still haven't learned how to identify the "wrong side" of homophobia, racism, sexism and mental illness. We still make the mistake of thinking that these issues are complex, and need to be discussed thoroughly in order to find a solution that works. But hopefully, with your guidance, we'll be able to become as polemicized as you one day.

Much love and Happy Easter,


(PS. I love how you've satirized our angsty, controversial blog posts by airing your grievances through an angsty, controversial blog post. If not for my very high opinion of you, your obvious intelligence and ravishing good looks, I would accuse you of hypocrisy.)

Oscar Sylvest Olesen

I was honestly hoping to feel more offended by this. Thank you for taking the time to post about how annoying students a year below you are. I would be angry as well if people who knew less than me about Journalism were better/more enthusiastic than me.

"I wish that we could all get along, I wish that I could bake a cake made out of rainbows and smiles, and we'd all eat and be happy..."


Lol well, I wish I could care about your opinion, but my name is not "first years", my name is Asuni Olubusayo Lateefat. You probably cannot pronounce that, I think you are just seeking attention. Are you happy now ? You are CLEARLY jobless.

Selsabil Beloued's picture

You wrote about freedom of expression but you don't like seeing first years expressing themselves? It doesn't make any sense. You might not agree with some of the blogposts but I don't get the feeling that you even read past the first few words. If you don't understand their position on a topic, why not just ask them in person? Instead of writing a rude blogpost about them. Sorry you feel we're too many but we're not going anywhere. We deserve to be here as much as you. I'm not sure this blogpost even qualifies as one, it seems more like a hate comment to me. No constructive criticism, just plain rude. Anyway we won't hold it against you, we'll assume you're sleep deprived from writing 2 essay like the rest of us.

Selsabil B.

Do you do chips?

Joe Dawson

Josh isn't trying to bash you guys for trying to hard. We're actually pretty amazed and slightly intimidated actually at how much you guys care about these issues and how smart and passionate you all are.
That said, reading through CFJ blog posts is amazing yet mentally draining. While we hugely admire you guys' knowledge, passion, and developed opinions on complex issues, some variety wouldn't hurt; after all, these are blog posts, not essays or journal articles. They're meant to be entertaining or provoking discussion. You do the latter beautifully, but journalism is like a D20; it has loads of different sides and you all seemed very focused on the "intellectual serious journalism" side of it -- that's not a bad thing, per se -- I wish I was as passionate about serious issues as I am about social media's role in society. But maybe try your hand at something new? After all, Buzzfeed, Vice news, and The Sun are journalism as much as the Financial Times and The Indie are.
We admire you guys greatly for your intellect; but to be good journalists, you need to be vested in all parts of the industry, not just the one that makes you look good in front of your lecturers.
And @ Asuni, Josh is from Angola. He can definitely pronnounce your name
-- don't make assumptions.

All very valid points. In that case, I think I might have misread Josh's post. However, I feel like his meaning didn't get across accurately (our fault/his fault, whatever) for anyone in the first year. Maybe it was a tonal thing, as I think if it was written slightly differently it would have been much clearer.

No hard feelings to any of you in the second year, I think the war's over now.

It was a good meme.

Have a great Easter :)

Oscar Sylvest Olesen

Why are first years so controversial?