Telegraph investigation shines a light on councillors and planning

The Daily Telegraph is running a series of exposes of the questionable practices of local councillors and planning officers. Interesting, in as much as you don't often see a national broadsheet go undercover to turn its attention to local government - they will usually go for MPs.

Those e-mails in full

It is rare to see the steps a journalist has taken to gain exclusive access to a story set out in as much detail as is revealed in these  e-mails between Isabel Oakeshott of the Sunday Times and Vicky Pryce. They are a must read. They raise several ethical issues; most important among them: whether the Sunday Times could/should have done more to protect its source.    

Court Reporting exam

I've put a final test paper on the website - please use this as part of your revision. You can e-mail your answers to me if you wish. It's the last session next Friday before the exam on March 20th - it would be good to see more people making an effort to attend.


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